Dealing With Severe Dental Decay from Smoking? Why Dentures May Be Best

If smoking has destroyed your teeth, and your dentist thinks several of your teeth have to be pulled because they are infected and destroyed, you may want to see a denturist. If you are having a majority of your teeth removed, partial or full dentures may be the best option.

The severity of the damage to your teeth and gum tissue and the number of teeth that are being pulled will affect whether dentures are a good fit for you. Here are some things to consider when making an appointment with a denturist.

Implants Are Costly  

To replace all of the teeth that are being removed with permanent dental implants would be very expensive, and could cost tens of thousands of dollars once everything is complete. The dentures are going to be a more affordable option, and choosing the more affordable option is ideal, especially if you don't have dental insurance or if you have to pay a lot of money out of pocket to get the dental work you need.

Avoid Other Dental Work Later  

If you have a dozen teeth that need to be pulled, and you replace them with implants, you will have to replace the other teeth eventually or will have to worry about getting dental work for cleanings and cavities. If you decide to have the teeth extracted and to have all the teeth removed to make way for dentures, you won't have to worry about paying for other work later on or enduring other dental work in the future. It may be recommended for all the teeth be extracted if they all have cavities or severe decay.

Easy Care

The care that is needed for dentures is easy. Each night the dentures are removed, and the pieces are soaked in cleaner. You will also brush your gum tissue like you would if you had teeth. In the morning the dentures are put back into the mouth, and you use the dentures like natural teeth all day. This makes caring for your smile easy.

If you have a mouth full of cavities, if your dentist thinks most of your teeth have cavities and that several of them need to be extracted, going straight to dentures may be the most practical option for you. Talk with your dentist and make an appointment with a local denturist so you can see what tooth-replacement option will be the best for your smile and get you healthy teeth.