3 Ways To Help Your Dental Implant Heal And Fuse Properly

If you are about to get a dental implant placed in your mouth, you probably already understand that this is a two-step process. The first step is used to insert an implant into your jawbone, and the second step is required to attach the crown to the implant. For the implant to be successful, it must fuse to your jawbone. Here are three things you can do that will encourage healing with the implant.

Eat only soft foods for a week

After getting the implant placed in your jawbone, the dentist will give you instructions as to how to care for the wound. You may be asked to gargle with warm salt water to help it heal, but you may also be instructed to eat only soft foods. For the dentist to insert the implant, he or she must cut into your gums to access the bone in your jaw. This will leave an open wound when the procedure is complete.

Any foods you eat that are tough or sharp may irritate this wound. Because of this, you should stick with eating foods that are soft for about one week. After one week has passed, the wound should be closed up enough that you may be able to return to your normal diet.

Avoid smoking

Your dentist might also tell you to avoid smoking after having this procedure done. In fact, most dentists will ask patients to stop smoking before having an implant placed in the mouth. Smoking can not only trigger infections in open wounds in the mouth, but smoking is also known for causing delayed healing. Dental implants are more likely to fail with people who smoke because of the way smoking affects the healing process.

Focus on good oral hygiene

The third way to encourage your implant to heal properly and quickly is through good oral hygiene habits. Taking good care of your mouth and teeth can help you keep the wound cleaner and avoid infections and other problems.

If you follow these three tips, the implant should be completely fused to your jawbone in approximately three to six months. Once this is accomplished, the dentist will be able to attach the crown to the implant, and this will complete the process of getting a dental implant. To learn more about this, contact a dentist who specializes in dental implants, such as those found at Renovo Endodontic Studio.