Important Information For Elderly People About Germs And Dentures

Many elderly denture wearers do not realize the real importance of oral hygiene because they no longer have their natural teeth. After all, plaque cannot cause cavities on dentures. However, even though you cannot get cavities anymore, you do still have germs and bacteria in your mouth that can cause illness. Learn more about some reasons you need to perform daily oral hygiene even though you wear dentures.

Considering The Surface Of Your Denture Material

The surface of your dentures is porous, meaning it has tiny holes in it similar to the pores on your skin. Germs can find their way into these tiny holes and remain there until they grow into bacteria that can make you sick. Your immune system normally fights the bacteria and germs in your mouth, but keep in mind your dentures are not real and do not have the same benefits of immunity. Dentures provide the perfect hiding place for some germs and bacteria, some that daily brushing will not remove. Your dental professional can recommend the best denture soaking products for successfully removing bacteria lodged in the porous surface of your dentures.

Dry Mouth Increases Health Risks In Denture Wearers

If you are elderly and wear dentures, you may find you have less saliva in your mouth. Your doctor may have diagnosed you with a condition described xerostomia, commonly referred to as dry mouth. Xerostomia can be caused by medication side effects or underlying disease like sarcoidosis. Many older people experience dry mouth because of medications and they also wear dentures. When there is not enough saliva in your mouth to wash away food particles in a healthy manner, the chances of them becoming lodged in the porous surface of your dentures is extremely high. Your dental professional can prescribe a special mouth wash and moisturizer to help wash away food particles.

Growing Older Means Some Body Functions Start Slowing Down

As you age, many of your body's daily functions start to slow down, including your immune system. As your immunity grows slower and weaker, taking steps to place less stress on it is a good idea. The bacteria and germs in your mouth can grow out of control when your immune system is not working up to par. For this reason, taking steps to perform daily oral hygiene is extremely important to avoid illness associated caused by bacteria in your mouth.

If you wear dentures, discussing your daily oral hygiene needs with a dental professional, such as Joe Rosenberg, DDS, is important.