3 Tell-Tale Signs That You’re Accidentally Destroying Your Teeth

When you are considering cosmetic dentistry, you are making a great step forward in caring for the beauty of your teeth and your overall dental health. Cosmetic dental services can inspire you to take better care of your teeth overall, and it can correct problems that have been caused by mistreatment of your teeth, too. However, before you consider changing your teeth significantly, it's important to ensure your cosmetic procedures will last by avoiding things that will destroy your teeth. The sad truth is that you may be hurting your teeth without even knowing it! Here are some signs that you may be accidentally destroying your teeth and causing dental issues without knowing it.

Sign #1: Brushing Your Teeth for a Limited Length of Time

You need to be brushing your teeth at least twice per day, and you need to be brushing your teeth for at least two minutes. If you are not brushing your teeth for two consecutive minutes when you brush, you may be inadvertently leaving plaque, food particles, and more behind. If you don't get your teeth fully clean, mouthwash still won't solve the problem. It's important to brush your teeth for an adequate amount of time each day, or you may be contributing to your own dental destruction.

Sign #2: Ignoring Toothaches

Getting a toothache is something inevitable in most people's lives. It is something that is dreaded and hated, but it is all too often ignored. People may hope that toothaches will eventually go away. However, even if it does happen, a toothache disappearing may not be a good thing. If a toothache goes away, it may mean that the damage was so intense that the nerve died, but the decay will still very much be present and must be addressed to avoid infection.

Sign #3: Eating Food That Can Spell Disaster for Your Teeth

Not all foods are created equal when it comes to the damage that they may be doing to your teeth. While you don't have to consider any foods completely off-limits unless your doctor or dentist specifically recommends it, you should not frequently eat foods like hard candy, popcorn, pickled vegetables, and sticky candy. Beverages like soda and sugary fruit drinks should be kept to a minimum, too.

Finally, keep in mind that little things can add up to big destruction. It's important to be proactive about your dental health. See a dentist, such as Stephen J Vanyo DMD PA, at least twice per year for regular cleanings. Get dental exams and ex-rays. Also, it is important to discuss any pain or issues with your dentist as soon as possible because sometimes small problems can be quickly solved, but if you ignore them, they can all but destroy your dental health.