6 Things Your Dentist Knows Just By Looking At Your Teeth

Is your dentist a psychic? Your dental care professional can tell a lot about you simply by looking in your mouth. Open wide and say "ah" to reveal these six traits your dentist already knows. 

You're Pregnant

When a woman becomes pregnant, her gums often become more tender and more likely to bleed. She may also exhibit a pyogenic granuloma, or pregnancy tumor, which is basically just a small red lump on her gums. 

Your dentist will know you are pregnant after noticing these signs. 

You Are Stressed

People who grind their teeth often do so because of excess stress or anxiety in their everyday lives. Unfortunately, grinding your teeth can lead to even more stress as your oral health begins to deteriorate. Over time, your teeth can become loose and even fall out or can become more vulnerable to tooth decay. 

When your dentist sees that your back teeth have been ground down, you are probably gnashing them at night. It's an indicator that you should learn some relaxation techniques while you still have a full set of teeth. 

Your Gender

Your dentist only needs to peek inside your mouth to tell whether you are male or female. 

Your lateral incisors are the teeth directly to the left and right of your front teeth. In women, these tend to be short and round. In men, they are longer and thinner. 

You Have an Aggressive Personality

The shape of your canine teeth can actually indicate how aggressive or assertive you are. People with sharper, pointier canine teeth tend to have more aggressive personalities than people with rounded, flat or small canine teeth. 

You Have an Eating Disorder

People who suffer from bulimia develop a specific pattern of acid-related erosion on the backs of their teeth. This is caused by stomach acids washing over teeth. A dentist is often the first person to notice signs of bulimia. 

You Are Diabetic

Out-of-control blood sugar can be hard on your teeth. When your body cannot keep your blood sugar balanced, you can easily develop gum disease and tooth decay. Your dentist may be the first person to notice this and send you to have your blood sugar checked. 

Your teeth tell a lot about who are are, including factors determining your overall health and potential to develop serious diseases. They can also reveal many of your bad habits. So the next time your dentist tells you to open wide, keep in mind all that your teeth are revealing about you.