Don’t Let Your Job Interfere With The Health Of Your Teeth

If you are like so many other people then a large portion of your day is spent away from home, at work. Since so much of your time is spent at your workplace, the way you treat your teeth while you are there can play a big role in their overall health. Here are some ways you can avoid allowing your job to interfere with the health of your teeth in a negative way:

Make healthy snack choices

If you work in certain industries, then you may spend a good amount of time at a desk or counter where you can find yourself craving snacks all day long. If the snacks you choose to go for include things like cookies, candy, muffins or other sugary items, then you'll be pounding the sugar into your teeth constantly and allowing it to sit there for hours and turn into dangerous plaque and tartar.

Trading those sugary and/or sticky snacks in for healthier options will really help you to maintain healthier teeth. You can snack on things like celery, carrot sticks, apple slices, or anything that doesn't have a lot of refined sugar, carbs and/or food coloring which can really stain your teeth.

Choose to drink water throughout the day

If you are sipping on a beverage throughout your work day you should make sure you make it water. The water will be healthier for you in general, it will help to wash down any leftover snack particles still in your teeth and it will help your mouth stay moist. Other drinks can add sugar to the surfaces of your teeth and even dry your mouth out.

Don't use your teeth to open packages

If you need to open a package and you can't find your scissors, then you should look harder or borrow some from one of your coworkers. Never use your teeth for anything except eating food. When you use your teeth to open packages you will be putting extra stress on them in different areas than what's done when you eat. This can cause them to chip, break or become fractured much easier than you may think.

Keep a small dental hygiene kit at your place of employment

You should keep a travel tooth brush, tooth paste, floss and mouthwash kit at your work. This way, if you do eat something that you know is bad for your teeth you can sneak away and brush them when you get a chance. Also, you can take care of food caught between your teeth right away with the floss. If you eat something that gives you unpleasant breath, then you also have the mouthwash handy.

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