Commonly Asked Tooth Reconstruction Questions

Tooth damage is a painful problem that can also have major effects on the quality of your appearance. When you are suffering from a severely decayed or otherwise damaged tooth, learning about the potential treatment options of cosmetic dentistry can prove to be invaluable in helping you address this issue.

What Is A Tooth Reconstruction?

Individuals will frequently assume that tooth damage will always be repaired through the use of dental fillings. These fillings can be extremely effective at repairing minor cavities or other damages, but they may not always be suitable when the damage is particularly severe. In these situations, repairing the tooth with a filling may not provide it with sufficient reinforcement, and this can put it at a risk of breaking. During a tooth reconstruction, the dentist will use a specialized bonding material to help reinforce the weakened sections of the tooth while correcting any cosmetic issues that the damage is causing.

Can Every Tooth Be Saved?

Individuals will frequently assume that any tooth that has suffered extensive damage will be able to be repaired. While tooth reconstructions can be extremely effective for repairing serious damages, this type of procedure may not be applicable for every instance of tooth damage. For example, if a tooth has suffered extensive damage throughout, this type of procedure will likely be insufficient. Additionally, teeth that have been damaged by infection may not be good candidates for this procedure. Your dentist will only be able to determine whether tooth reconstruction work will be an effective option after he or she has conducted a thorough examination of the compromised tooth.

What Happens If The Tooth Is Unable To Be Saved?

Learning that your tooth cannot be repaired with traditional fillings or more elaborate tooth reconstructions can be stressful. Depending on the type of damage that the tooth has suffered, it may be possible to avoid a full tooth extraction by opting for a crown. A crown is a protective cover that will be placed on the tooth to help prevent it from suffering further damage.

Sadly, you may find that your tooth simply cannot be saved. In these situations, an extraction procedure will need to be performed. While you may be worried about the cosmetic effects that can come from missing a tooth, there are ways that you can correct these complications. More precisely, dental bridges and implants are among the more commonly used and most durable tooth replacement options.