Ways Your Cosmetic Dentist Can Restore A Chipped Tooth

A chipped tooth can negatively affect your appearance, especially if the damaged tooth is near the front of your mouth. Nevertheless, there are cosmetic dental applications that can improve the look of a damaged tooth.

Here are a few ways that a cosmetic dentist can help restore a chipped tooth.

Apply Bonding Material

Dental bonding material is a resin-based material that can be used to seal places on a tooth's surface where the tooth material has been breached. If only a bit of tooth enamel has been chipped away, bonding material can repair the breached area. 

The application of bonding material is sometimes referred to as a filling, since the material fills the area of lost enamel. The application process can be completed during a single visit and is painless. In fact, no local anesthesia is required. 

The area where the enamel has been chipped is etched and dental adhesive is applied to allow the bonding material to firmly adhere to the tooth. Subsequently, the composite material is applied. Once the bonding material is in place and properly shaped, it is exposed to a specialized light is to harden the material into position.

Affix a Dental Crown

A dental crown may be used to repair moderate to large chips. When a large piece of tooth material is missing, the tooth is more vulnerable to decay.

A dental crown surrounds the natural crown of the tooth to protect it from further damage and restore the tooth's appearance. Once the dental crown is in place, oral bacteria can no longer easily invade the tooth. Additionally, the tooth material is protected from the corrosive actions of bacterial acids.

To install a dental crown, two dental appointments are usually necessary. During the first visit, the dentist must obtain impressions of the chipped tooth to ensure that the crown is shaped properly and fits the contours of your mouth.

While the permanent crown is being prepared in a dental laboratory, a temporary crown may be used to cover the compromised tooth. When the permanent crown is complete, a second visit is scheduled for the removal of the temporary crown and the placement of the new appliance.

Many dental crowns are made of tooth-colored material, such as porcelain or resin. As a result, the device can be matched to the exact color of your other teeth for a natural-looking restoration.

To learn more about the restorative options available for a chipped tooth, schedule a consultation with a cosmetic dentist in your local area.