3 Great Care Tips Cosmetic Dentists Recommend For Dental Implants

Dental implants are a great prosthetic that cosmetic dentists can put in your mouth for a complete smile. However, in order to get the most out of them over the years, you'll need to consider this care advice offered by cosmetic dentists.

Brush Regularly 

Like normal teeth, you'll need to brush your dental implants on a regular basis to keep them from staining. After every meal, be sure to scrub all around your implants to effectively remove plaque that has collected throughout the day. 

Cosmetic dentists generally recommend a specialized toothbrush for these implants, one that is small and has soft bristles. Such a design enables you to get in between implants better as well as not damage implants even when pressure is applied. You may even want to use fluoride toothpaste, as it will help keep your teeth and implants white for as long as possible.

Avoid Certain Foods 

There are certain foods that you should stay away from at all costs, at least until your implants have had time to fully set. These include hard and sticky foods. Hard foods like suckers could cause breakage—which is not a cheap dental issue to fix. 

Sticky foods, such as caramel, can get stuck on your implants and then prove difficult to remove. Instead of consuming these treats, try to implement a soft diet until your cosmetic dentist says otherwise. You then don't run the risk of running into any major complications after this procedure is completed.

Stop Smoking 

If you're a chronic smoker, you need to kick this habit if you're having dental implants put in by a cosmetic dentist. After all, smoking can interfere with your results and also lead to the weakening of bone structures in your mouth. Securing implants would then prove much more difficult.

There are plenty of methods you can try to curb your smoking cravings. For example, wearing nicotine patches has proven helpful for a lot of smokers. All you have to do is put them on your body, and your cravings will start to dissipate. You should also avoid smoking triggers, such as going to bars or hanging around others who smoke.

For missing teeth, dental implants are a great cosmetic procedure to consider. Just make sure you follow your cosmetic dentist's advice as far as how to care for them, even months after they're put in. Only then will your implants look great and remain structurally sound.