A Guide to Accessing Gentle, Low-Stress Dental Care Through Pharmaceuticals

If you have dental problems and you have delayed seeking the care that you know you need, you are not alone. Recent estimates are that up to 15% of people in the United States make that same decision due to fear and anxiety associated with seeing the dentist. Therefore, since delaying care only allows the dental problems and pain to worsen, it is important to be aware of some unique treatment options. The following information should make it easier and less stressful to access the dental services that you need. Read More 

Could a Root Canal Save Your Teeth?

A root canal is a form of endodontic treatment meant to fix the inside of an infected or inflamed tooth. Root canals may be necessary for a number of reasons, especially because of intense decay or chips and cracks in the teeth. If a tooth has damage to the pulp inside of it, you may experience intense pain or a dangerous abscess. If your dentist wants to give you a root canal, but you are on the fence, this guide will help you make an informed decision about the state of your oral health. Read More 

Important Information For Elderly People About Germs And Dentures

Many elderly denture wearers do not realize the real importance of oral hygiene because they no longer have their natural teeth. After all, plaque cannot cause cavities on dentures. However, even though you cannot get cavities anymore, you do still have germs and bacteria in your mouth that can cause illness. Learn more about some reasons you need to perform daily oral hygiene even though you wear dentures. Considering The Surface Of Your Denture Material Read More 

3 Ways To Help Your Dental Implant Heal And Fuse Properly

If you are about to get a dental implant placed in your mouth, you probably already understand that this is a two-step process. The first step is used to insert an implant into your jawbone, and the second step is required to attach the crown to the implant. For the implant to be successful, it must fuse to your jawbone. Here are three things you can do that will encourage healing with the implant. Read More 

To Floss Or Not To Floss? 3 Reasons Why Your Dentist Still Wants You To Floss

Are there any real benefits of flossing regularly? If you believe a recent news article published by The Associated Press, the answer is no. The article suggests that there isn't enough evidence or compelling reason to floss and that it doesn't really provide much benefit. The Departments of Agriculture and Health and Human Services seem to agree; they dropped flossing from their recommended dietary guidelines. Before you give up flossing for good, however, your dentist might have a few things to say about it. Read More